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Team Based Professional Consulting

Take Your Accounting practice To New Heights

CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and Public Accountants

A new level in profitability

Our Team Based Resource Model

Helping accounting professionals
improve their bottom line.

Our Team of Consultants, Project Managers, Engineers, Attorneys, and Expense Auditors work together seamlessly to uncover Expense Reductions and Specialized Tax Incentives and provide a Comprehensive Business Plan for your clients. 
       We open whole new ares of profitabily for the accountants and for their clients with cutting edge strategies that have been mainly used by the biggest of  businesses that have the deep pockets to hire the consulting talent.

Innovative business strategies to reduce taxes, risk and expenses.

Many business owners wonder  if everything possible is being done to reduce  taxes, expenses, and risks. 
The reality is there are so many moving pieces and constant change in our modern economic environment that it’s nearly impossible for any one individual advisor to provide complete, comprehensive and proactive business planning.

   We help CPA’s, Enrolled Agent’s, Public Accountants and business advisors make the shift from a reactive service to a proactive advice.

 We work together to combine our expertise, relationships, and proprietary software to ultimately create better results for clients – reducing their taxes, eliminating unnecessary expenses, and mitigating
business risks and creating more value added billings for the accountant.

Executive Summary

What we Do

For decades, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Accountants in public practice have laid a foundation of trust with clients by competently handling confidential financial data and performing core services such as tax preparation. 

Today, forward-thinking CPAs are building on that foundation, expanding their business offerings, nailing down new revenue streams and cementing a more profitable position as their clients’ trusted business adviser (TBA). – Journal Of Accountancy,  May 2012

CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and business advisor’s  are creating strategic alliances to expand their business offerings, high value referrals, and profitability.

Referral Based VS Team Based Consulting

The accountant leads the team of professionals to produce a fully integrated plan. Future referrals will come back to accountant

Why us?

What makes us special


Step One:
Using our proprietary software the accountant works with the client to complete a short questionnaire to identify areas of need  and opportunities: 

Step Two:
Our propritary software produces a complete, integrated, cutting edge outline, in minutes, that is emailed directly to the CPA- all for no charge .  This report highlights the client’s areas of need.


Step Three
Review with client’s and invite specialists, as needed, to begin implementation


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. .”

Dave Morgan, CPA.

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